Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pancetta-Wrapped Figs

Hello again!

First, let me include a picture explaining why I love Whole Foods around this time of the year. I'm not even sure most of these things come from the planet earth, but they look amazing, and if I had space in my postage-stamp-size of a home, I'd put them everywhere while I watched 1980s horror flicks as we lead up to Halloween.

So last night I finally made something that I've been meaning to make for probably a year now- pancetta wrapped figs. I first saw them in a Williams-Sonoma book on roasting, and they looked so delicious that I put them on my "to do" list. At my family's farm in the country, we also have three fig trees, so I thought it would be a perfect holiday treat once hunting season starts.

The recipe isn't online, so bear with me. Take some ripe figs, cut the stems off, then slice them down the middle. Lay a small sage leaf on the open side of each fig, then wrap it completely with pancetta. Lightly brush with olive oil, then put into a 475 degree oven for 5-8 minutes, or until the fig is soft and the pancetta is crispy. Serve on a bed of sage with lemon wedges for lemon juice.

Sounds delicious right? Even looks kinda good, right? I took one bite, did that look where you stop chewing for a second, look off into the distance, as if your facing wall will give you the OK to keep eating, chewed a little bit more, sorta gummed it down like a toothless animal, walked back into the kitchen, and with my fork slid everything off my plate and into the trash. Apparently I HATE roasted figs, sage, or some combination thereof. If I ever smell the odor of this dish again it will be too soon. I don't know if it was just a bad recipe, or if I have a deep, psychological aversion to one of the ingredients, but I can promise you, this dish will not be made again.

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  1. It's funny because the picture makes it look as if it doesn't taste like a grumpy roach, but ultimately, it tastes very similar to that.